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Welcome to the Digital Ninjas! Founded in 2021, we are still new on the stage of e-sports, but we have big plans for the future!
And our organization shows that we mean business: Our teams consist of talented newcomers and experienced old hands. They are led by an experienced coach and supervised by an manager.
Furthermore, streamers are also included in our teams. Because not only sporting success is important to us, but also closeness to the community. Be curious what will happen in the future. GLHF!

Our Teams

Digital Ninjas


Digital Ninjas



Get ready for another Agent's Rising @AgentsRange

Our first game will be vs. @PhodonEsport

Sadly no stream today, but you can still enjoy the updates here and grab some popcorn - Sweet or Salty? 😏

#VALORANT #esports

It's time for another @AgentsRange Cup! We already made 5 points last time, but we want MORE.

First game vs @Rostockesports . Bring it on!

Also, while @G1petto is enjoying some time off after working hard during bootcamp, @knyVAL will step in for today.


Last week was WILD!

Bootcamp is over, but we enjoyed every minute of it at @1337Camp - You Rock!

We can't wait to show everyone our new moves 😏😏 #VALORANT

We told them it's gonna be hard. They laughed. Then @G1petto did this. Every morning. Now they cry in agony. But hey, they got better every day, so it worked! #VALORANT #Bootcamp @1337Camp


Bootcamp Warmup knallt anders rein 💥

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